Membership Requirements

Types of Memberships

These are the various types of American Legion memberships that are available and the requirements, to include dates (if applicable, and\or documentation requirements), are listed below.


WWI- 5/6/17-11/11/18

WWII- 12/7/41- 12/31/45

Korea- 6/25/50- 1/31/55

Vietnam- 2/28/1961-5/7/1975

Lebanon & Grenada- 8/24/82- 7/31/85

Panama- 12/10/89-1/31/90

Persian Gulf- 8/2/90-Present (cessation of hostilities)

US Merchant Marines- 12/7/41-8/15/45

Documentation required for application:

Copy of DD214 or other discharge paperwork.

No Bad Conduct Discharges will be accepted.

Sons of the American Legion (SAL) and Auxiliary (AUX)

Copy of the family members DD214 or other discharge paperwork. The family member must also meet eligibility dates.

Application must be filled in whether or not the family member is deceased or alive.

If they are alive they must be a member of a current American Legion post, if not they must apply for member ship at a post, or at HQ.


Social Memberships

Social Member: No additional requirements, but understand that the number of social memberships at the post are limited, and you may be turned down if the number of social members exceed the maximum.

2017 Membership Costs

Legionnaires $40

Social veterans $20

Social Legionnaire $10

Auxiliary $20

SAL $15

SAL Junior $5

Legion Riders $15

Social $35

Social Senior 420