House Rules

  1. Members who are Legionnaires, SAL, AUX, and social vets may sign in unlimited guests into the canteen with the permission of the on duty bartender or doorman (social vet means military affiliated). Social Members may sign in one guest.
  2. Guests shall mean friends or relatives of the member signing them in. Guests cannot purchase alcohol and must leave when the member leaves.
  3. Admission by key card only (if asked to show your card you must show it)
  4. Any member who lets another person use their key card to gain access will be subject to disciplinary action.
  5. Any member or guest disturbing the peace and enjoyment of any other member or guest will be asked to leave immediately, this will then be reviewed by the B.O.D. and could result in suspension or loss of membership.
  6. Legionnaires, SAL, AUX, and social vets must pay their dues by December 31st. those not paid cannot use the canteen until dues are paid. Social members will lose their membership if not paid by December 31.
  7. Any member destroying property will be liable for all costs and will be brought before B.O.D. for disciplinary action.
  8. All children must leave by 9 PM (adult must be with child at table).
  9. PLCB regulations, section 493, subsection 1 dictates that the on duty bartender may refuse service to any member who is visibly intoxicated.
  10. Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold for off premise consumption.
  11. Anyone not properly clothed will not be served and must leave.
  12. PLCB regulations section 499 subsection A state that the premises must be vacated 1/2 hour after last call.
  13. Business warranting hours of operation are as follows Monday-Friday 11am-2am Saturday and Sunday 11am-2am
  14. Any current member convicted of a felony will lose their membership
  15. Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated
  16. Firearms are not permitted in the canteen